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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well we didn't see much in Hue as the sights we did go to see either didn't exist or were closed. The bus journey to Hanoi was horrible, because of various stupid people we didn't get to sit together, Sophie was stuck at the back on an awful seat that wouldn't recline and I was next to a snoring fidgeter. We made it after 14 hours or so in one peace at least. We got taken to a hotel that was too expensive and seemed to be nowhere near any other hotels so we got a short taxi ride to the Hanoi Spirit House. The taxi driver started going absolutely mental at me, we aren't totally sure why but he seemed to be saying I slammed his door (which I didn't) so I should give him money. I'm assuming this is one of the usual cons that they always do to tourists, it wasn't really what I wanted after that long journey. The guy started to square up to me but realised I was twice his size and about 25 years his junior so he went to get some big black object from his car to threaten me with. Public humiliation is the worst thing for a Vietnamese person so I gave him a wink and shouted HELP, RAPE a couple of times and he went away rather sharpish.
So then we went to the hotel, where we were told that for $8 we got A/C, a big room, breakfast and free internet. We said we wanted a fan and not A/C so they put it down to $7. After a few hours they made us change rooms to a smaller one that smelled funny but we said OK as we couldn't be bothered to move hotels and we had blocked up the other rooms toilet anyway. So this morning, after having no problems the previous days with the breakfast and internet, they decide to tell us we can't have them for free as we are only paying $7. They were being very rude and didn't care that it was their fault and that's what we had agreed so we checked out. They had dyed Sophie's blue jumper red in the wash which we pointed out and all they said was that it couldn't have happened in the wash (which it had to have) but must have happened when we got in the shower... not sure what he gets up to in his shower at home but we certainly don't wear jumpers in them. Anyway we refused to pay the full amount and eventually left to find another hotel. We are now in Mai Phuong Hotel which isn't that great but it will do for one night and the people are very friendly there.
Tomorrow we are going to Halong Bay on a 3 day 2 night tour where we stay on a boat one of the nights and see some famous caves, do some snorkelling and various other stuff so should be fun.
On Monday we are flying to Laos. Do a search for Hanoi to Vientien by bus and you will see why we decided to fly. There isn't a single good account of this journey on the net, apparantly you end up being stranded in the middle of nowhere, paying loads of extra money and it's not even a proper bus (the seats are sometimes beer cases), not what we want for 24+ hours. I'm looking forward to getting to Laos as I heard you don't get hassled on the street like you do here. I'm not really feeling much love for Hanoi, the south of Vietnam was definitely nicer with less con artists and more things to see.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it already or not but we are multi-millionaires here, several times over which is quite cool, Sophie spent over a million Dong yesterday on various things, big spender.


  • At 8:18 PM, Malcolm & Simone said…

    Wow guys sounds like you had a not very nice time in Hanoi. Dont worry well get stoushed and commiserate and hopefully have a big one before you depart for Laos.
    -Malcolm and Simone

    Ps: Jamie how about that cricket :)
    Seriously if you like England can borrow one of our players. We'll still have enough :)


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