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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Sweet Jesus, anyone that went to "The 6th FARM" with me, check this out. If it asks you to install Flash player, do it, it is worth it. I could barely contain myself when I saw the email from, well he/she may want their identity to remain a secret so I'll just say a huge thanks, you know who you are ;-)
Anyone that doesn't understand this post, just ignore it. If you can't see it here, try clicking here
Please leave comments on this one guys!


  • At 8:47 PM, Jamie said…

    Good old CJ, acting the goat as usual.

  • At 12:57 AM, Henry said…

    lol, words can not even explain the funniness

  • At 7:40 PM, Emily said…

    Made my day at work go a little quicker!!! Hehe!!


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