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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hue we go

We are waiting for our bus to pick us up and take us to Hue (pronounced hoo-way) so thought I'd give you a small update.
The cookery class was excellent, we started the day at 8:15, having a free drink (I had Vietnamese coffee, which is very tasty and I'm not even a coffee drinker). We then got taken on a tour around the local market and were taught how to check if different foods and fruits were fresh and what to look for when buying various items. Next we had a half hour boat trip to where the course was. We pulled up at this fantastic looking restaurant, got shown around their herb garden and taught about the different things they had growing there.
We then had a demonstration of various dishes from the chef who was very funny and then we would repeat it for ourselves, some of the food we ate as soon as we made it, the rest got taken away for later. We made a tasty eggplant and lemongrass dish, vietnamese pancakes ricepaper and spring rolls, as well as watching demonstrations on several other dishes. We were then taught about food decoration, being shown how to make a fan out of cucumber and a rose out of tomato (I refused to do that one as I would have been sick peeling a tomato).
We then went and had a 5 course meal, which including the food we had made and was very tasty, think we may have overdosed on squid and shrimps though.
In the evening we went for a few (very cheap) drinks with Mal and Simone who had coincidentally (or so they say, we suspect they are stalking us, though they think the same about us) checked into the same hotel as us.
We picked up and paid for our clothes last night ($202 total) and I am delighted with mine, though unfortunately Sophie's not very happy with hers because the trousers are too short and the woman said she couldn't make them any longer (I thought that's what we're paying her for!).
My silk pyjamas and dressing gown have JL embroidered into them which is very cool indeed.
We are going to leave Hue for Hanoi tomorrow at 6pm as there isn't that much to see in Hue.
I can't believe what I am seeing regarding The Ashes. Well actually, I can.


  • At 6:50 PM, 217no said…

    From boiled eggs and soldiers to Jamie Oliver Longmore in one day, I can't wait to try some of your gastronomic delights when you get back home! As for the Ashes, perhaps you should have got your personal tailoress to have made you up some whites and get yourself over to Oz now, I can't even remember you pitching your first ball on the wrong wicket! But then again! Oh, and as you are getting so used to all this coach and bus travel, I've sold your car!

  • At 8:49 PM, phil said…

    Hey Jamie, (sorry I havent been leaving many comments lately.) For God's sake try and avoid watching the Ashes, it's just too embarrasing.

  • At 4:52 AM, rapidegg said…

    Mal and Simone sound like a nice couple. Are you going to introduce them to your parents at Christmas?
    Have you checked out Mal's "credentials"?

  • At 6:52 PM, Anonymous said…

    dont stress about the ashes my friend the barmy ones have arrived in adelaide today where we totally expect to c the ozzys fall apart like a leppar shot putting on a centrifude!

  • At 7:09 PM, James Buchanan said…

    All sounds fun over there. Keep the updates coming. I almost feel like i'm there with you! Don't worry about the cricket, because Wednesday are in a rich vein of form - Laws to squeeze us in the play offs. You'd better watch out next season - we're coming for you.


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