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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sew Good!

After a 12 hours bus journey, which as usual was 2 hours late leaving, we arrived in Hoi-An and once again managed to find ourselves a bargain hotel for $6 (called Hotel Nhi Nhi), this one even has a bathtub along with 2 double beds, cable TV and a fridge. We have done a bit of sight seeing but the main reason to come here is to get high quality tailored clothes made for dirt cheap prices.
I have ordered 2 suits (one with waistcoat), 2 shirts, silk pyjamas and a dressing gown all for about 70 quid. Sophie has got herself a nice black suit with trousers and a skirt along with a pink shirt for about 35 of your English pounds. We go back tomorrow for another fitting and any final necessary adjustments will be made. It's so tempting to buy loads more things but it will cost too much to ship home. You can get shoes made for $25 but I haven't ordered any... yet.
Our tailor is a lovely lady recommended to us by some girls we met in Nha Trang, her shop is called Phuong 1.
There are literally 100s of tailors here, it is completely ridiculous, 9 out of 10 shops are tailors, the other 1 being a souvenir shop.
A couple of people in Vietnam have bizarrely assumed that Sophie is an Indian, though one of those people is known as "The Crazy Monk", but it amuses me all the same, especially when she got a small cut in the middle of her head that looked like an ornamental spot.
We go to Hue on Saturday afternoon, which is thankfully only 4 hours by bus and are there for a couple of days before the 14 hour trip to Hanoi. Sounds bad eh, well when we goto Laos, that's a 22 hour journey.
Time to go get some food, which reminds me, tomorrow morning we are doing a Vietnamese cookery course with Redbridge Cafe who are recommended in Lonely Planet so it should be good fun.


  • At 8:21 PM, Dad said…

    You on a cookery course! Please take some photos Sophie I really must see that to believe it.

  • At 8:23 PM, jamiesmum said…

    Hope boiled eggs are involved, in the cookery course, as I know you can cook those!
    Jamie I pay excess baggage when I go to Cyprus for a week, I am coming to you for two so at this rate I will be bankrupt through excess baggage.
    PS Have you got my birthday present, if yes then I hope it is not heavy!
    Lots & lots of love XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • At 3:41 PM, Mal & Simone said…

    Hey guys!
    We're staying in the same hotel as you, so must meet up for some more Bia Hoi, then we can help each other stumble back up the stairs. Dont worry Jamiesmum, he's a very responsible drinker. He's only ended up wearing a dress dancing on top of a bar table twice. (The third and fourth time it was more like a bikini)
    -Malcolm and Simone (the Aussies)

  • At 10:06 PM, Will said…

    Hi Jamie sounds fantastic over there I am so jealous! Don’t forget to bring me back a suitcase of stuff on your return. If you get the chance give me a call sometime

  • At 12:53 AM, jamiesmum said…

    Thanks for that Mal & Simone, I don't mind as long as he doesn't wear either of his Cashmere suits as he will need those for the JOB INTERVIEWS we will have lined up for him on his return! and please no photos!
    Hope you two are having as much fun as Jamie & Sophie are.
    PS Don't mention the CRICKET!


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