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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bangkok again

We are back in Bangkok for a couple of days before going to Krabi for Christmas and then Phuket to see my Mum and Dad.
Firstly, some things I think I forgot to mention in other blogs:
In Laos we got to see this really funny martial arts performance called "Jump" which has a very comical storyline and some impressive coreographed fight scenes, we got to see it for free, apparantly tickets in England are about 35 quid but I recommend it even for that money.
Sophie had her hair straightened... by a ladyboy!
I had a shave in Hoi-An at the barbers with a cut throat razor, which was good, but then he started shaving my forehead and sticking things down my ears, much to Sophie's amusement.
Anyways, back to Laos, so we went to Luang Prabang where we went to see an impressive waterfall the one day and drank rather a lot of Beer Laos with our new friends Jav, Jez, Aaron and Irene for the few nights we were there.
We then got the bus to Vang Vieng, we have heard countless stories of accidents and breakdowns on these journeys along the windy mountain roads, and now we have our own. Going round a sharp bend, a motorbike comes tearing round the corner on our side of the road, hits the front of the bus and goes flying off into the grass bank. Luckily we had some Doctors onboard and they made sure he was OK. Apparantly he's got a badly broken foot but should be alright. A pickup truck took him off to the nearest hospital, which I think was probably several 100km away.
The lights on the front of our bus were totally smashed and the front panel was hanging off a bit, also they had to wait around for the police to come so we got onto another coach and finally made it to Vang Vieng.
It's a funny town, full of bars that show Friends non-stop. You can listen to 5 different episodes at once if you sit in the right place. The food is also awful, with every restaurant having the same menu. These are not the reasons for going to Vang Vieng however, the reason for going is TUBING, which is awesome.
You sit in a huge inner tube and float 3km down the river, stopping off on the way for beers and scarily high rope swings. We met up with Aaron and Irene from Luang Prabang and floated away with them. It was great fun, though the water was a little chilly by the end of the day.
The next day we rented a couple of bikes for $1 each and cycled 13km to see some caves. This is significant because it was the first time Sophie has been on a bike since she had a nasty accident 7 years ago so I am very proud of her for doing a 26km round trip. We only actually saw 1 cave and it was rubbish, we had a look for the others but decided they'd probably be a let down anyway and we'd had fun riding our bikes so headed back into town.
Yesterday we had a 4 hour bus journey back to Vientiane and then an 11 hour journey to Bangkok, we arrived at 4:30am on Khoa San Road and had to try to find a guesthouse, normally not a problem, but as it's near Christmas they are all booked up. We eventually found one that isn't particularly nice but it will have to do for a couple of nights. There are way more people and more stalls on the market than last time we were here and it was busy then!
We fly to Phuket then get the boat to Krabi on Saturday, early in the morning.
I'm going to see how much it costs to ship home my suitcase full of goodies tomorrow, I'm expecting it to be rather a lot.


  • At 3:35 PM, Mal and Simone said…

    You sound like you are in the wars Sophie! Have a merry Christmas from Mal and Simone!


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