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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Good Bye Vietnam

Today is our last full day in 'Nam as tomorrow morning we fly to Laos, the flight is meant to be at 9am but if it's anything like the bus journeys we have been on we wont be leaving before lunchtime.
Halong Bay was a decent trip, though the weather wasn't the best, it didn't rain but was cold and cloudy the whole time. The first day we went on our boat, did some kayaking, saw floating villages and the Amazing Caves (that's actually what they are called) and we feasted on loads of seafood which was very tasty. We stayed the night on the boat and had a few beers with the other guys on the trip. The next day we went to Monkey Island (sadly we didn't see Guybrush Threepwood), where everyone else started harrassing the group of about 6 monkeys, teasing them and poking them with sticks. I've got a video of one monkey downing a can of Fanta which I might try and post one day.
We stayed the night in a very good hotel which normally would have been out of our price range. We came back to Hanoi yesterday and found a reasonable hotel for $8, though our bathroom isn't attatched to our bedroom which is a bit annoying. Of course we went to several Bia Hois last night with Mal and Simone, they have been excellent drinking buddies on this trip and it's a shame we wont bump into them again anywhere else after today.
We start work in The Sunshine School on Tuesday I think, I have a feeling it wont be quite the same as the last school I worked in...
We have a few things to do this afternoon, book a taxi to the airport, exchange some books and pack for tomorrow so better get going.


  • At 4:49 PM, Dad said…

    Hope the trip to Laos went well and that your little teaching number is enjoyable. Look forward to seeing you both in three weeks, but not sure about replacing Mal & Simon as drinking buddies!!

  • At 12:36 PM, Mal and Simone said…

    Great seeing you guys again and hope you enjoy Laos. I finally looked up Vernon Kay, and I dont see the resemblance, but his girlfriend is fit, so Ill take it as a compliment!
    Stay in touch. We'll continue to read your blog and hopefully we'll see you in LA next year!
    -Malcolm and Simone


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