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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cameron Highlands

I was very tired when I wrote the last blog and therefore forgot to mention one or two things that I will include in this report.
We went for a curry in Georgetown which was interesting because everyone else was eating with their fingers, the meat, the rice, even the sauce, very entertaining. Our room, which was pretty awful as I mentioned, became home to 3 cockroaches. Sophie tells me that cockroaches are meant to be able to survive a nuclear bomb, they couldn't however survive me and a great big shoe. We also saw a load of rats down an alleyway, I went down it to try and film them on my camera but ran away quickly when one came out behind me.
We then went to... somewhere else, Sophie isn't here at the moment to remind me what everywhere is called so I'll add it in later, anyway, it had a beach which was alright, the choices of accomodation were horrendous but we found somewhere not too bad for just under 6 pounds. Unfortunately there was an ants nest in the corner, I noticed about 20 ants and asked the owner for something to get rid of them and he gave me some mosquito spray. I sprayed copious amounts of it around the room, especially on the corner where they seemed to be congregating and when we came back after tea there were literally several hundred dead ants for us to sweep away.
During the nights, something had a feast on us. They aren't mosquito bites so I'm not sure if they are bedbugs, fleas, rogue ants looking for revenge or what, all I know is that we are covered in bites, head to toe, including some unmentionable places that you just don't expect to get bitten. The bites haven't gone down yet and we are worried about the possibility of our bags and clothes being the new home of some nasty little creatures as we keep finding seemingly new bites. We'll see what the situation is like in a few days.
We are now in the Cameron Highlands, which is well known for producing tea, there also seem to be a lot of strawberries here, with several shops selling only things like strawberry lollies, fridge magnets, balloons, etc.
We walked to see a waterfall earlier but it was pretty poor really but at least we got some exercise. It's very cold here as we are very high up, it has also been raining more or less all day, though not too hard for most of it. We are staying at Daniel's Lodge which is very hippyish but nevermind they seem nice enough. The creepy crawlies followed us here, we had a large flying thing that looked like it had a sting in his tail, buzzing around our room before we wanted to get to sleep. Sophie sitting on my shoulders armed with a flip flop sorted him out. Buddha is going to be quite mad with us if we keep squishing all these bugs so we will try to stop, for karma's sake.
The internet is very slow and often down, apparantly because of an earthquake (tell them to fix it soon Dan), so don't be surprised if updates aren't as frequent as they have been. Remember to leave us comments though.
Happy birthday Will for the 13th in case I don't get on before then.


  • At 9:01 PM, Dad said…

    Well we are back in wet and windy Malvern now and I'm glad to say we've left all our creepy crawlies behind, although I did bring your mother home with me. Hope that insect bite stuff we left you has been of use! Obviously not! Sounds as though you are having an interesting time in Malaysia, plenty of wildlife! Take care and we will no doubt speak soon.


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