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Thursday, February 22, 2007

6 Day Trip Tomorrow

It seems like we have been in Darwin forever, there's really very little to do here but we have kept ourselves entertained by going to the cinema, a couple of the pubs that are decent, swimming in our pool, etc.
When we first went into our dorm we were shocked, there was one occupent, an Aussie called Campbell (that's his first name) and he had been living in squalor. There was food everywhere which was attracting hundreds of ants, his clothes were distributed across the entire room and it also didn't smell too pleasant. We managed to make it a bit tidier but were quite releaved when he checked out. We've had a few other roommates but no-one has stayed for more than a night, two of them weren't even in the room for more than 10 minutes before leaving (something we said?). One said it was too hot for her and another guy had lined up a hot date so he upgraded to a motel room.
We've seen 2 films, Deja Vu which wasn't bad and Hannibal Rising which was a bit disappointing.
We found a pub that does meals for under 1 pound 50, they obviously aren't great but they were OK to have a few nights, Sophie has cooked some tasty meals for us and we have been to a few restaurants the other nights.
The Aboriginals here are absolute nutters, they are always shouting in the street and we saw a couple of them having a fist fight the other day, a man and a woman. They also really stink of sweat, we were on a bus full of them and it was quite overpowering.
There have been some spectacular storms here during the nights with almost constant lightning which is good to watch, though having been struck by lightning when I was younger (yes it is true) I'm always a little worried.
Tomorrow we are going on a 6 day trip to Alice Springs, taking in the sites and doing various activities on the way. You can see our itinerary by clicking here. We are getting picked up at 5:30am which is a bit unfortunate.
Not many of you have bothered texting us... if you're worried about the cost, goto www.o2.co.uk and register your number on that (regardless of what network you're on), you can send 10 messages a month via the internet when you do that.
Don't know if we'll get online in the next week or if we'll have to wait until Melbourne so make sure we have some messages and emails waiting for us when we arrive. Haven't heard from some of you for a long long time.


  • At 3:22 PM, Simone said…

    Hi guys! Yes, Darwin is an anomoly, and there are many, many social issues in NT with regards to the indigenous people. It's qiute a raw and controversial topic among many Australians, it is interesting to see your points of view! I am sure you will just love the outback and visiting Uluru etc. It will make you realise how vast Australia is! Can't wait to hear your thoughts and also hope you travel well to Melbourne! Sim xo


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