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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

G'day mates

Well here we are in the land down under. Our flight to Darwin was alright apart from the fact we arrived at 4:30am. We are staying at The Cavenagh which is a very nice place with a big pool. We had a room booked for two nights and then planned to move into the dorms. Our room is great, fairly big, nice bathroom, fridge and a flatscreen TV. We are staying in the room for one extra night because Sophie is a bit poorly with a bad stomach so we're hoping the extra bit of luxury will help her recovery.
Darwin is a strange city.. it's like a ghost town, there is more life in Malvern! There are quite a lot of Aboriginal people here and they are very strange, walking round with no shoes on, lying down in the middle of the path and shouting randomly to no-one in particular.
We are going to get sim cards later today so you will be able to text us if you so desire.
Some other observations: Australia's version of Deal or No Deal is not even close to the quality of our own with Noel. Watching Neighbours here is weird. I haven't seen one person throwing a few snags on the barbie yet. People don't actually walk around on their heads.
Happy Valentines Day!


  • At 8:26 PM, Dad said…

    Trust you spoilt sophie on Valentines day? Hotel looks nice, a littkle different from your accommodation in Asia!!


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