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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Goodbye Asia

This will be a quick, rushed blog as we have to leave soon to get our flight to Australia, I'll try and get online soon in Oz to fill you in on the things I forget to mention now.
We had a good week with Sophie's parents, going on a sight seeing tour and seeing a traditional Balinese house, a temple, Ubud, a volcano and various other bits and pieces. We had lots of tasty meals (Thanks very much to Sophie's Dad!), though unfortunately after trying one of Sophie's Mum's mussels one night I was on the toilet all the next day, being poorly from both ends, I will be avoiding seafood like that from now on.
We went to the Gili Islands for 4 days, we stayed on Gili Trawangan which was quite good, though there's nothing to do there really other than go diving (which is why we went there). It seems to be a place for druggies to go as everywhere was advertising that they sell magic mushrooms and we got offered (and turned down) marijuana on many occasions. Also they have no motorized vehicles, the only form of transport is by horse and cart! There are no dogs on the island but there are more cats than people.
We did our PADI advanced open water course which was great fun, we had a french guy named Louis with a funny shark tattoo on his torso as our instructor. We did 5 dives to improve our skills; peak performance buoyancy, deep dive (30m/100ft), a ship wreck (no hidden treasure though), a night dive which was quite scary as it was pitch black apart from our little torches and underwater navigation where we had to use compasses and natural navigation to find our way round.
So now we are all prepared to dive on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
We are in Darwin for 10 days or so and then do a 6 day trip to Alice Springs and then fly to Melbourne, I think we get to Melbourne on March 1st.
I have no idea what the internet cafe situation is like in Australia but I'm sure I'll be able to get on sometime in the next week.
Thanks for the comments - Aled good to hear from you! Brandon, give me an email (jamielongmore [at] hotmail dot co dot uk)


  • At 1:36 PM, dobby said…

    Hey bud, glad to here you and sophie are having such a good time. Hopefully we will get the chance to catch up with you when we all get back from New Zealand. Take it easy mate. Dobby


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