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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Everybody needs good Neighbours

Last night was brilliant, we went to The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, a British pub where every monday they have a "Meet the Neighbours" night. We got there about 6:50 and had some food and a couple of drinks.
When we'd finished we went next door to where the event was being held, unfortunately there were no seats left for us, there were about 300 people (all British/Irish) and only about 100 seats so lots of us were left standing.
We waited patiently, having our drinks and chatting to a Welsh guy with an amusing nervous twitch for what seemed like hours, well, I guess it was hours. Around 9pm the host introduced Toadie who came on, answered a few questions and was very funny. Next was a new character called Rosetta, it was her first "Meet the Neighbours" night and she seemed a bit nervous. Finally the main man, jelly belly himself, Harold Bishop came onto stage and proved to be nothing at all like the character he plays. He was very funny and quite rude. All this was going on whilst we were singing football style chants "only one Harold Bishop" "Toadie Toadie Toadie", there was a very good atmosphere.
There was then a trivia quiz, though it was only for the people that managed to get tables really so we found a spot at the end of the bar and waited for the stars to come and see us, they worked their way around the whole crowd having their photos taken and briefly chatting with everyone.
Toadie was the first to come to us, had a quick chat and posed for some photos with us, next was Rosetta and finally we had to wait to be called to go and see Harold who suffers from arthritis so people go to see him rather than the other way round. He told Sophie she could do much better and have someone like himself instead of me! I explained that we were looking for a place to stay and seeing as he practically adopts every homeless person I asked if we could stay with him on Ramsey Street which made him chuckle and his multiple chins wobble.
It was getting quite late by this time but there was still a lot more entertainment to go, we watched Dr Karl's band, "Waiting Room" who were really good, I somehow got right to the front and joined my Welsh friend from earlier in proclaiming our love for the good doctor. Afterwards I got to meet and chat with him and his band, having a couple more photos taken. He said he did panto in Malvern and liked the place.
We are looking at an apartment tonight and another tomorrow so fingers crossed that they are good because living in a dorm is not nice. When we got home at 2am, there was a man asleep in my bed and another guy snoring his head off in the other bunk! They checked out at 5am and 6am, also there were some Irish guys next door seemingly having a party at 5 in the morning. After a lot of banging on the wall and shouting for Paddy and Murphy to be quiet they finally stopped and we managed half an hour of sleep.
Just wanted to wish my Grandma and Auntie Marie all the best, I know Grandma is waiting some results on recent tests she had and Auntie Marie has just had an Operation. Love to you both and we hope all goes well.


  • At 6:22 PM, Sticky said…

    Hello both.....read your recent blog...after having a nite out why didnt you join the Irish Party ??!! We proudly have a Malvern Melbourne 'time' clock in our office along with Malvern SA and Malvern Jamaica....It is good to hear your having a varied and interesting time....I would add that I have never ever ever watched Neighbours so your last evening would have been lost on me unless Kylie minogue turned up...apparently she is a big Man United fan...which is fine with me !
    Anyway all good wishes on the search for a bed without anyone in and hopefully a job paying ridiculous wages for very few hours. Take care Sticky. PS if you want a holiday after your tour then I can still offer a fab time in Costa Blanca just visit www.pritchettproperties.co.uk !!


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