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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The fat man is in town

Just a quick one as I'm in my lunch break at work, I'll try and put a big update on Saturday with all the things that I've missed.
I'm working for Intermec and it's quite good, the people are nice and the job, whilst very repetitive, isn't too bad, though it is very busy and it's hard getting up at 7am every day.
Tonight I'm meeting up with Bakewell who is in Melbourne for one night only. I saw him for 5 minutes before work this morning, he's staying in the same hostel as we are. Apparantly tonight we're going out for some beers with "Jimmy Saville", leader of the famous Barmy Army (that's the England cricket fans for Will). Whether this is just one of Bakewell's many outrageous claims or not remains to be seen but I'm sure we'll have a good night out whatever happens, just have to make sure I don't drink any concoctions he gives me or I won't be at work tomorrow.
Haven't found a place to live yet, we've been looking at places and they've either not been good enough or been given to someone else!
Send me a text you cheapskates, it only costs 25p or something, I'll send you one back: +61410982712
Got to get back to work now, bye bye everyone, bye bye.


  • At 5:10 PM, Adrian said…

    Saville - what a ledge... :D

  • At 1:31 PM, Dad said…

    It must have come as a big shock to you to have to go to work!!! Trsut they are making deductions for your student loan!


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