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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Flies flies and more damn flies

Last time I forgot to mention that we went to a place that has literally about 200000 bats. It was incredible to see so many flying around and sleeping on the trees. There was a hot spring in the middle of the forest to go and look at and I got covered in bat poo which was lovely.
When we went out for a meal after the first 3 days, I noticed everyone looking at me all confused. Most of the group genuinely didn't recognise me and thought I was a stranger because I looked so different after a shave, shower, doing my hair and wearing some clean clothes!
We're back in Alice Springs again for a few more hours before our flight to Melbourne. We stayed last night at "Annie's Place" and had an excellent meal for a couple of pounds, though they did get Sophie's order wrong 4 times! We didn't get the best nights sleep because one of our roommates (there were 8 of us in the dorm) was snoring so badly he was almost on a par with my Dad. I got out of bed and started hitting him but he wouldn't wake up. Eventually his friend managed to roll him onto his side which stopped it for a while.
Our last 3 days on the trip were great, we had a new guide called Dermie who was a top bloke and had a bigger group this time of 22.
First of all we went to a camel farm where Sophie and I rode the camels which was great fun. We also saw some wallabies there (I still haven't seen a live kangaroo). We then went to Kata Tjuta and walked around there.
For the whole of the trip we were constantly surrounded by flies. I can't explain just how many there were and how annoying it was. We bought fly nets that go over your head but even still it was very irritating, I have photos of us with at least 100 flies on our backs and heads (outside the highly fashionable fly net).
We then went back to camp and slept outside, under the stars, though it was quite cloudly so we only saw about 3!
The next day it was up at 5am to go and see the sunrise at Uluru, the sky turned pink and turns Uluru different colours, it was very beautiful and words can't really do it justice. We then walked all the way around the rock which took about 3 hours.
We then went for a swim and headed back to camp where Dermie cooked us up a feast on the fire. It was one of the girls birthdays and he made her a chocolate cake and Sophie had bought candles and a card for everyone to sign, it was a good surprise for her as she didn't realise we all knew it was her birthday.
That night we slept outside in our swags again and this time the sky was clear so we had an amazing view of the stars when we woke up at 5:30am. There were dingos (like wild dogs) wandering around us when we were asleep, looking for things to steal but thankfully they leave humans alone.
In the morning we went to King's Canyon which was one of the best bits of the trip. It was about a 3.5 hour walk and the first bit is known as "Heart Attack Hill" as it is quite hard work. There were some incredible views and we went swimming in a pool in the canyon which was just what we needed to cool us down. Some of the photos we took are brilliant, there's one of Sophie sitting over the edge of a cliff with a 100m drop.
We then went for lunch and then set off on the long journey home. In the last 6 days we have travelled over 2600km in the back of a minibus with poor air conditioning. It was well worth it though. Hopefully we're going to meet up with some of the friends we made on this trip in Melbourne.
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  • At 7:55 PM, Anonymous said…

    Ah Jamie,

    Well....I have been keeping up to date with your travels for all this time and have never felt any need to bother you by downgrading such an informative interesting and envious trip with my filthy sense of humour until now... RIDING CAMELS come on mate!! How did you reach did you sneak up behind them whilst they were on all fours or did you stand on a box!!
    Hope alls well mate sounds like it!
    Say hello to Soph for me and remind her that she doesn’t know how lucky she could be!!


  • At 12:27 AM, Dad said…

    And you always said 'there's no flies on me'. Melbourne could be a bit dull after all of that. Don't leave it too long before we get to see the photos. Take care and speak soon.


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