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Friday, March 16, 2007

Good news

So today I got mugged in the street... No I'm just kidding, my passport has been found. The cleaners or someone put my bag of goodies and some other things in another bag for some reason and it turned up this afternoon.
Unfortunately it has cost me $145 (minus tax) which is a days pay, I was meant to start my new job today but had to wait around for the police to turn up, which they didn't, the policewoman wasn't even at work today I eventually found out.
I start next Monday for at least 2 weeks doing admin and various other things for a company called Intermec who make barcode readers and PDA's I think.
Sophie had her first day today working for Nestle, she's on her way home now and said it was OK but very boring, it does seem she got to surf the net all day though.
In fact she has just arrived and bought me a free Smarties ice cream and a giant Kitkat. Good job I bought her a surprise pack of nougat and a pearl milk tea!
There are people selling earplugs on the street for the Grand Prix which is funny.
We're going to look at a room tonight, tomorrow and Monday so let's hope one of them is suitable.
Thanks for everyone who commented/emailed me their support.


  • At 1:45 AM, Dan said…

    Hi both glad to hear you got somthing back of yours. Well I hope you both enjoy the Grand Prix I am totally envious of you both wish I was there with you! Can't wait till I can afford to go and see a Grand Prix anyway enjoy both.

  • At 11:57 AM, Adrian said…

    Hey I thought you actually got mugged for a minute there! Have a good one at the grand prix - it was awesome last year! Adie


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