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Friday, March 23, 2007

Home sweet home (hopefully)

At last we have a flat! At least we should have, in theory. We've agreed to move into a studio apartment in St Kilda for $310 a week on Sunday. We haven't actually seen the room but have seen one similar to it and it was very very nice with a big bathroom and kitchen facilities in the room. Sophie called the guy up and agreed to take it immediately as otherwise it would goto someone else in a flash. It's more than we planned to spend on a place but it really is nice and we were starting to get desperate.
We've looked at a fair few places now and had many disappointments with landlords not turning up as they gave it away earlier in the day, people seeing us but having already agreed to give it to someone else but they want a backup plan, awful places and places where they see 20 people about the room and choose who they like the best.
It's in a good location with loads of bars and cafes nearby aswell as the beach. There's a McDonalds opposite (not that either of us eat the food but the milkshakes are good). Though last week when I came out of the McDonalds a rat ran over my flip-flopped foot which was disgusting.
We've finished our first full week of work now and I am absolutely shattered, 8:30 - 5 every day is hard work when you haven't done it for 6 months. The money will be much appreciated, though they take about 30% of it for tax.
Sophie has been going to a thing called Bikram's Yoga, which is yoga but in a room heated to 40 degrees. She's been enjoying it a lot and coming home very sweaty indeed!
We went out for a few drinks with Bakewell who, for the first time ever, had to call it an early night as he was too tired after not sleeping for 2 days. Our other friends that came out, an American and an Aussie, couldn't understand his accent which was quite funny and possibly for the best.
The Grand Prix last weekend was great, thanks Dan for convincing us to go. It was incredibly loud, even with earplugs. It was won by Kimi Räikkönen. An Englishman called Lewis Hamilton came 3rd on his debut Grand Prix which got a lot of applause, while David Coulthard drove over the top of another car for a spectacular crash.
There were all sorts of other things going on, most notably the air displays which were good entertainment before the race began.
Must go as it's coming up to Midnight soon and I'm all tuckered out after my week of work.


  • At 2:28 AM, Dad said…

    I trust Sophie isn't doing the Yoga to loose weight! Let's hope the studio you get is as nice as the one you were shown, make sure you get to see it before you hand over the deposit. It's an old scam to show a good one and the rest are crap, so I hope you are ok. Take care and keep working hard!!

  • At 7:50 PM, Anonymous said…

    Alright kid, sorry to hear you have had a rough time of it just lately!! Gotta be some low points i suppose when your away for so long? at least it will make you appreciate the high ones all the more and make you realise that there are some b@stards out there and not to be too complacent, your not in the vern now mate! Thats my serious bit done
    Are you sure it wasn't Bakewell?? after all he has been dying to get one back over the Green boys since Brooker gave him Shoe pie after the Lighty that year!! Did you meet Jimmy ?? He is a top man i sat by him at Old Trafford last year there is also a Barmy Army member who looks just like Gareth Southgate!! What are they doing out there and not in the Windies ??

    Keep up the posts as it gives me something to do at lunch and buy that new camera asap i had a word with your old chap at nets and apparently his retirement payout is burning a big hole in his pocket and he would only be too happy to fund it!!His best go at getting shot of it is spending 30K on a car for your mum which i think is a Rubbish effort.

    Take care and remind Sophie that she hasn't got a clue how lucky she could be!!

    Good to hear you get back just in time for tour i take it your coming??!!


  • At 12:15 AM, Anonymous said…

    Hey Jamie,
    That sucks about those bastards stealing your camera. People like that deserve to be shot! You will just have to take loads more pictures. Sounds like your having an amazing time other than that. I can't believe its over a year since I last saw you. Adie came to Bristol sat and we went out which was amazing. Shame your in Aus to not be able to come!


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