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Saturday, March 03, 2007


We're in Melbourne and staying at Hotel BakPak, though I think it's changing it's name to Hotel Discovery, anyway, it's a massive hostel with very basic rooms. Our flight over here was fine, though we were meant to watch Rocky Balboa but the tape was faulty so we ended up watching Dreamgirls :-/
When we arrived we discovered that they had somehow forgotten to put one of my bags on the plane, the one with all my clean clothes in amongst other things. As you can imagine I was a little annoyed. Luckily it turned up this morning so I don't have to keep wearing the same smelly t-shirt.
We walked around Melbourne yesterday getting a feel for the place, it seems pretty nice, lots of shops, bars and things to do. There also seems to be a high population of Chinese so hopefully that means there's going to be some good Chinese restaurants.
We are trying to find a room in a shared house at the moment, there wasn't really much in the paper today so we're going to try going to an agency later.
There is a part of Melbourne called Malvern so it would be funny if we ended up living there!
We will also be looking for jobs from Monday :-(
Happier news is that we are going to a "Meet the Neighbours" night on Monday where we can have some beers with Toadie, Sky and Harold Bishop whilst watching Karl Kennedy's band! We're going to do the Ramsey Street tour soon aswell.


  • At 3:17 PM, Dad said…

    How sad are you two. You'll be coming home to visit Emmerdale next. Good luck with the house hunting.


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