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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Worst... Day... Ever.

Today has been a nightmare day, I'll tell you the major incident first. Some low-life broke into our room and stole both our cameras (mine had 2GB of photos, I was going to put them on DVD tonight.. typical) and $40 of Sophie's money. They did something to the door and managed to force the lock, we're staying in a dorm which is opened by swipe card. They also did it to about 10 other rooms in our corridoor. I was the first to notice and when I mentioned it to someone they realised it had happened to them too and soon everyone was saying they'd been broken into.
The police came and have given us a crime number so we can get some money back off the insurance but that's not going to get my photos back, I am completely gutted. The policeman said it happens regularly at Hotel Bakpak and they have never once managed to get a single item back. They have no CCTV or anything.
Other things that went wrong today include the cleaners throwing Sophie's shorts and t-shirt in the bin for some reason, also Sophie's flip flop broke in the middle of town so she had to walk all the way back barefoot. Then there was our Japanese room mates who woke us up at 1am when they came in and spent about half an hour taking off their plastic rain coats (it doesn't rain here, there is a severe water shortage), they then woke us up at 6am putting on their plastic rain coats and packing their bags. The morning before they got up at 6am, turned the lights on so they could take a picture of them in the room and went out!
We haven't found a place to live yet, we looked at a really great place yesterday but they don't know when the room will be free as the other guy hasn't found a place to move into yet so that's useless for us. We registered with 2 job agencies today and did some tests to find out how good we are on the computer, obviously I came out as excellent and Sophie got very good scores too so hopefully they'll find us something. They said there may be a data entry job for 3 days next week for me which would be a start I guess but we'll see.
There's probably other stuff I should mention but I'm too upset to think properly. We went to a really amazing firework show (I had a great video on my camera), met up with our friend Mel from our Uluru trip, I've heard from Sunter and Bakewell so may meet up with them at some point. We saw a birdman contest which was funny, though sadly the videos are now in possession of some criminal mastermind.
I'm going to have to get another camera before the Grand Prix on Sunday, also it's St Patrick's day on Saturday so I'm sure there would have been some great photo opportunities there. My credit card bill this month is going to be big.


  • At 12:20 AM, Dad said…

    Hey, keep smiling, the memories will be there forever. Lets hope the low life dies a painful death very soon. Check out those pawn (not porn) shops and second hand shops just in case. xx

  • At 2:05 PM, Mal and Sim said…

    bummer. Sounds like a hard time in your first weeks of being in Aus. Dont worry, its an awesome city. There's a severe rental shortage in Aus at the moment due to various economic reasons. Send Simone or I an email if your interested and we can put the call out to some friends to see if they are looking for room mates. Let us know what city you end up wanting to live in and we can give you some contacts.


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