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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weak week

Unfortunately Sophie hasn't had much luck this past week. She was still looking for a full time job as her Nestle one is only 5 hours a day so she was quite annoyed when Renee, our Hays recruitment lady called to tell her that Nestle no longer needed her, this call came late on Tuesday morning (Monday was a holiday) as she forgot to tell her last week. This was especially annoying as she had turned two jobs down earlier that day as they were only for one day's work. She managed to get a days work on Friday but because she was so good she can't go back there on Monday (she finished all the work in one day). Hopefully a decent job will come along this week. I'm paying extra rent as I'm still working at Intermec, hopefully for a few more weeks at least.
Yesterday we went on the City Circle tram which takes you around the city and gives you a guided tour, there's several places we saw that we want to take a closer look at in the coming weeks.
Thanks for the comments/emails/texts you've sent us, keep them coming. I'm still trying to find somewhere I can upload all the photos.
PS It's my birthday in just over 2 weeks (May 1st) - get your cards in the post quick :-P


  • At 12:50 PM, Malcolm and Simone said…

    Hey there!
    Sorry to hear that your still not having much luck Soph, I hope it picks up.
    We've pretty much confirmed our flights in the US, so I'll send you a quick email and hopefully we can meet up on the west coast :)
    Peace and cya round


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