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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Thanks to everyone that sent me a birthday card and all the emails and texts, much appreciated.
The night before my birthday Sophie took me to see Mr Bean's Holiday, it was being shown in a room called The Half Pipe at the cinema, it didn't have seats, instead it had a dozen or so big beanbags to seat 2 or 3 people each which was different.
On my birthday Sophie made me a fry-up for breakfast while I opened my presents (thanks for those they were all great) and cards, and a special tea consisting mainly of party food and a cake that Sophie had half made herself, there was so much I'm still finishing it off now. She also decorated the room with balloons, banners, etc which was great. They also got me a cake at work.
The night after, we went into town for a mystery present. It turned out to be a night tour of Old Melbourne Gaol which was really excellent. It was all done in spooky candlelight and hosted by an old hangman (or at least someone pretending to be an old hangman), who did a very good job. We saw the cells, where people were hanged and punished, got told about various executions and famous inmates of the jail including Ned Kelly.

Last Thursday night I went out with the other guys and girls (10 of us) I work with to a restaurant because my boss finished work on Friday. Had a very good meal, especially as it was free! Sadly it was staff only so Sophie had to stay at home by herself.

Unfortunately Sophie's job ended on Friday as they decided they didn't need anyone, after previously saying she could have the job until we left. She has been working in the call centre again this week and is hating it but at least it's better than nothing at all, hopefully something else will come up for next week.

Last weekend was very good, we went on a Great Ocean Road tour on the Saturday, seeing various picturesque sights along the coast, lots of koalas at a sanctuary and then I paid for us to go on a 10 minute helicopter ride over the "12 apostles" which was very exciting and gave us fantastic views, it was an early birthday treat for Sophie, less than 2 weeks till her birthday now so get your cards in the post!

On Sunday we went on a tour to Ramsay Street. The tour started off with us meeting a former star of the show, Libby Kennedy, who was very friendly and posed for photos, signed autographs and answered questions. Then off we went in our special Neighbours decorated tour bus to see the school, Erinsborough High, which is actually called something like Blackburn Language College but magically transforms when they hang a sign up from their props department. Then it was on to Ramsay Street itself, which isn't really called that. The first thing we noticed is that it is absolutely tiny, they do a good job of tricking us into thinking it's quite big on TV but actually there are only about 6 houses in the whole road. They have a 24 hour security guard there, though he must have been in his 60s so not sure how good he would be against a gang of yobbos.

I better get back to work as Dale, the lady I work with, is off sick so I have lots to do. She has handed her notice in aswell, so they now need a replacement for the boss, her and me. The other lady here is pregnant so she'll finish in a few months too!

Keep the messages coming.


  • At 9:01 PM, Malcolm and Simone said…

    Hey guys! Happy Birthday Jamie! It sounds like things have picked up a bit in Aus since you've arrived.
    I was looking through photos the other night trying to find one appropriate to use in my teacher profile thingy, and I came across the Bia Hoi Kanga night. Lots of fun!
    Soph if you need a job I can try to pull some strings with Ticketek. It's probably between $16-$20 per hour and the work is fun (albeit sporradic). Let me know if you're interested.
    C U in LA!!!!!!!!!

  • At 1:22 AM, Sim Sam said…

    I just got on your blog and thought, well I should put a message on Soph's and Jamie's blog and what do ya know...Mal has beaten me to the post! Happy Birthday Jamie and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your time in Melbourne before you head off again. All the best you two!! Sim xoxoxoxox


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